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In NYC, living in a wireless world 24/7, we have very little control over exposure to wireless radiation outdoors.  Cell towers, wireless electric meters & wifi hotspots are all over NY City.  However with a little time, care, and making a few new habits, we can limit our exposures and protect our health substantially.

Q:  I didn’t know that my smartphone, tablet, laptop, wireless router, cordless phone, wearable technology and so many other “smart” items emitted radiation.  Why should I be concerned about this, especially because I’m young and healthy?

A:  Wireless technology emits pulsed non-ionizing radiation — and all radiation exposures are cumulative.  Radiation is not a good thing for anyone to be exposed to and hence its prudent to limit exposures as much as possible.  This is why your dentist or doctor gives you a lead gown to wear when you have medical x-rays — they are blocking the rest of your body from the x-ray’s radiation.Wireless Router

Q:  What proof can you offer me that wireless technology is bad for my health?

A:  I’m not a scientist or doctor, so I rely on the findings of the top medical specialists in this field.  The leading medical publication on the biological effects of wireless radiation is called the BioInitiative Report, which documents over 1800 worldwide studies by 24 doctors and researchers. Wireless radiation is classified as a Group 2B possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Q:  I have a baby and a small child.  Is wireless radiation worse for them because they are so small and in the formative years?

A:  Yes, numerous studies show that wireless radiation is of extraordinary concern for fetuses, babies and children because their brains are still developing.  Its ideal for babies and small children to not be exposed to wireless at all.  Helpful tip — before you let your child play with a wireless device, place your phone, laptop or tablet in airplane mode.  This turns off the radiation, but also you won’t receive calls or texts while in airplane mode.

Q:  I notice that my ear hurts or I can get a headache or rash when I talk on my cellphone alot.  What’s this about?

A:  Most likely, you are having a sort of allergic reaction to using your cellphone.  The best thing you can do is to de-sensitize yourself by using a corded headset for the phone, shortening the length of your calls, and talking from a land-line phone whenever possible.  There are people who can’t tolerate wireless technology at all, and this condition is called “electrical hypersensitivity (EHS)”.

Q:  I’ve heard that dirty electricity and magnetic fields can be of concern, aside from wireless radiation.  Can you explain this more?

A:  All electrical devices including lighting, computers, heating units, electric blankets and electrical meters — emit electrical and magnetic fields in the course of their use.  Its ideal that we minimize these fields as much as possible because they are believed to have detrimental affects to our health.

Q:  I’d like to lower the amount of wireless radiation, dirty electricity and magnetic fields in my home or office.  What’s involved in an evaluation and what do you do?

A:  Using specialized meters we’ll measure the environmental levels of wireless radiation, dirty electricity and magnetic fields.  We’ll explain what these measurements mean and offer practical solutions for making these levels safer.  Some of these solutions are quite low cost, but the most thorough shielding can cost a few thousand dollars as the shielding materials are just plain expensive.  Please most of the shielding materials will last a life-time.

Q:  I don’t sleep well and often have insomnia, can wireless technology be the culprit and can you help with this?

A:  Because wireless technology is constantly pulsing as devices try to find each other for a connection, this causes cellular stress on our bodies.  So when you’re trying to sleep, on some level your body is constantly being pinged by the wireless devices, so your body is never really fully relaxing.  The good news is that we can help you create a sleep sanctuary, so that you can lower the amount of wireless in your bedroom which might improve the quality of your sleep.

Q:  What is the cost of an evaluation?

A:  Depending on the size of your space and your location, consults range between $275-350, plus travel expenses.

Q:  After our consult, how will you help me?

A:  After we measure the environment for wireless radiation, dirty electricity and magnetic fields, we’ll review what each of these readings mean and offer suggestions for improvement.  Changes can be made by physically shielding the rooms and by making small everyday changes in how you use wireless technology.

More questions?

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